5 Tips to Get That Sex Tape Right

Warning; Content may be offensive

Tip 1: Delete that shit

Tip 2: Delete that shit

Tip 3: Delete that shit

Tip 4: Delete that shit

Tip 5: Delete that shit

I have officially exhausted my pity for any adult who finds themselves in the middle of a sex scandal born out of private intimate filmed or photographed material being leaked.

Seriously. Has there not been enough incidents to teach us that privacy ceases to exist once a phone, a laptop , a camera – what else is there now? i-watch? – is in the same room where the right to privacy is being exercised?

Unless you’ve deliberately put your Kim K hat on and you want the world to know how freaky you can get, just don’t do it.

It really sucks. I get it. Since when has a little bit of Saturday night fun turned into national pornography entertainment? Well, aside for all the ticks in the pros boxes, the internet and the phenomenal ability for us to connect to the world at the snap of our fingers has also had some cons, like birthing some pretty heartless pieces of shit. I will not apologise for these words. To be a professional who comes across such material in the line of duty and to leak it, knowing the damage it will cause to a person’s life is inexcusable. But, regardless of what we call such people, they exist and they may just be the person who picks up your phone when you leave it at the gym or smiles as you as they invoice you for installing the anti-virus on your laptop. You just don’t know.

While I am not sure how men feel about details of their penises and shaved or unshaved testicles being discussed over hundreds of whatssap messages, as a woman I know I would be crushed to think that such an intimate part of my life was gossip over coffee. While the only choice people who have been victims in such situation have is to get right back up, shrug it off and get on with it, I can imagine that it’s never something that is truly buried. It’s awful, and with everything we learn everyday about this technology we can’t live without, totally unnecessary.

I am not saying you shouldn’t document your 50 Shades of Grey escapades. I am saying that unless you have a vault  where you will store that pen drive which will require the Ocean’s Trilogy movies gang to crack it open, delete it. Do not let an impressive password like 321youwillneverfigirethisout987 fool you into thinking you’re safe – maybe to a tech layperson like me, but not to the brilliant but heartless IT savvy guy. This is the reality of the world we live in.

So ladies, if your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or friend with benefits is going away and needs something to get the juices flowing, pack some lacy underwear in their suitcase. If visual material is absolutely required, look up a site with material that’ll do the job. Simple as.

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