Karma is your bitch too.

Do you ever get the impression that most, if not all of us love karma? We can spot it right off the bat, smell it from a mile off and love, love pointing it out to whoever may be the victim at that exact point. Karma, as it turns out happens to everyone except… ‘me’.

Noooo, what happens to me is something else. Someone else’s betrayal, unfairness, cruelty or whatever other name might suit the situation best. But never karma. Karma doesn’t apply to me. I never do anything wrong to deserve karma – unlike everyone else that is.

I don’t mean to be all righteous as if I have never uttered the words, ‘that’s karma for you’ when speaking of someone else’s troubles (and sometimes blessings). I have done it and I still do it – though usually in the privacy of non-social media mediums. But I have at some point, woken up to the fact that karma happens to me – and not just when the good stuff happens.

The general consensus on karma is that the universe gives you back whatever you have given to it.  That’s the basis in some way of the spiritual (NOT necessarily religious) belief that one must always try to do good things or have good intentions. The logic is that then the universe will give you back blessings, which you know, is nothing to complain about. The thing is we have somehow mastered the art of using karma to suit our personal agendas, as if karma is on our side, our buddy-type-thing. Our fingers are quick to point out karma’s visits to the next person – and it’s not that we are wrong, in fact I am sure we are right most of the time, BUT, do we acknowledge when karma makes a nice visit? Why is it so difficult to see karma in its entirety? So the person next door got good grades, a promotion, a nice partner or some other good thing, why isn’t that karma? Oh, and while I am transmitting on this particular frequency, maybe if we sometimes tried to look inward as to why not-so-great things happen to us sometimes, we might actually realise that it had nothing to do with someone else’ spite and as hard as it may be to digest, the result of our own doing. Imagine what we could learn about ourselves in the process. What a glorious day that could be!

I know. I know. It’s human nature though I am still uncertain at what point human nature stopped associating itself with nice, kind, generous and the like and started hanging out with shitty instead. We can still reverse the course of action of human nature if we really wanted to. Imagine the kind of karma which could come our way then!

Uncalled-for sarcasm aside, karma knocks on every door. Different people with different intentions might call it different things, but it’s always there, lurking around, not missing a thing in sight. No one is spared. What the heck, even if it’s purely because of the simple logic of do go-good, get-good, just do good already!


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