New Year Resolutions. What are we not getting?

As far as I can see it, there is one thing that is terribly wrong with New Year resolutions. The words ‘New Year’. In my twenties, resolutions which were to kick off at the stroke of midnight were a great topic of conversation and of course, much later, a comical topic as to how they just didn’t last. It would seem however, that year after year, the closure of December brought about renewed hope that ‘THAT’ was the year that we would see the resolutions through.

Such bollocks.

I notice now amongst friends and acquaintance my age that there is little respect left for the great New Year resolutions. Mind you, many younger ones have also caught on that the stroke of midnight on December 31st does not miraculously make you walk away from just one more cigarette or glass of wine, or, make you walk straight into a gym or start a new diet. The magic of 00:00 has definitely gone.

There is though, another kind of magic.

Resolutions are not a bad thing. I personally love them. As long as I make them, I am telling myself I still have an interest in me. I still care and I still want to be better. How can that not be a good thing? Timing though, as with everything else plays a crucial role in this. This very blog is one of my ‘New Year’ resolutions, but, I started it in December just to get a feel for it and well, I suppose a head start. Come 2017, and I already feel familiar with writing again and that suffocating pressure to do it is just not there. Losing my belly fat is another one of my 2017 resolutions and because of it, made my ‘oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-I-am-doing-this’ entrance into an Elite Fitness class back in mid- November as a form of preparation for it. I will press the brakes right now on what might begin to sound like such great planning for my resolutions. I promise you at the time I wasn’t thinking all of that – the urge (and fear!) to start was there and I just wanted to get whatever ball it was rolling. Looking back now, I realise I did myself a great favour.

Back to the topic at hand, the right time for a resolution that crosses your mind and creates a desire in your heart is ‘now’. Now, being the start of the process. To stop smoking, maybe you need to join a sports club or make more of an effort to hang out with the friend who can’t stand cigarettes as opposed to binning all your ashtrays. The people we want to become, the things we want to achieve and the improvements we feel we have to make in our lives do not happen because we wish them so or make a public commitment to them. The best chance we have is a quiet commitment to ourselves, one which may require some baby steps, but one which never takes its eyes or focus off the big prize.

The magic is simply our relentless desire to be better versions of ourselves.


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