The Christmas Hype

2016 was historical as far as the timing of the setting up of my Christmas Tree at home goes. It happened on a Saturday, and the calendar date on that November day was 19th. I had a logical explanation which I felt was necessary to share with anyone who was shocked by this. I wanted a whole month of Christmas and since 25th of November was a weekday, then I had to ‘go back’ because if I had put up my tree on Saturday 26th, I would have lost a day. Yes, those words have come out of my mouth and my level of shame about this was and has remained none-whatsoever.

I love Christmas, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Similar to my explanation as to why my tree had to go up when it did, my love for Christmas lacks a sound and rational explanation. I really think it boils down to the fast pace of life we live in for most part of the year. We all know we must be kind, generous, forgiving and so forth, all the time, but somehow between our jobs and family obligations and what-have-you, we forget. Not because we’re bad but rather because we’re human. December for me, allows me to re-group, put family first beyond everything else and focus on making memories.

Christmas to me, does not boil down to one day during the last week of December. From the moment the tree goes up we make plans with friends and relatives to come over for ‘Christmas dinners’. These dinners really are not anything extraordinary and the only thing about them that’s Christmassy is the red table runner, the Christmas candles and Micheal Buble’s sexy voice from my stereo system bought especially for Christmas music. So, why are they a big deal to me? Well, the people who come over are people who I usually have been wanting to come over since July – but somehow something always comes up and well, it never happens – until December when I allow myself no more excuses. I guess I can easily do that in October (no, wait, Halloween), or July itself (no, no, wedding anniversary AND Theo’s birthday), or maybe I should just stick to December.

By the time Christmas is over, I am usually pretty much done with it but there is always this little pang of sadness as I realise the next one will just not be the same, better perhaps, but not the same.

I truly hope everyone has made a memory they would remember for always this Christmas.

(Photo: Twinkle Photography)




2 Replies to “The Christmas Hype”

  1. I thought I’d read a few “lines” as I’m not really into reading, but then… your story about Mervyn almost made me cry. Perhaps because I know foret noire, know you a little maybe a alot. I know what granma’s that sew uniforms are like. The part about you faking the call… lol its like I totally visualised it… Definitely something you crazy you’do.

    The death of Mr Marcham news and how your husband told you and your response I can totally visualise this too, made me smile for a moment… but also sad as kept reading.

    Your photos look amazing and blog like. 😀 😀

    I love your blog! It’s an awesome read, I would just prefer the font smaller 🙂
    Keep it up and forgive my English
    Suzanne x


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